The Onna Glass Craft Learning Center,
guide for your Ryukyu glass blowing experience No problem for beginners! Professional support.

You can choose a color and shape from 250 kinds of design in the Ryukyu glass blowing experience.

Glass blowing experience

Making a glass by twisting an iron
pipe with professional support.

Approximate time required/ 5mins

Experience glassblowing with an expert!

Cocktail Stirrer making experience

A Cocktail Stirrer is made by simply using a gas burner to
burn both edges of a slender glass pipe and closing it.

Approximate time reqwred/30mins

0:You can take your finished piece with you.

Original accessory making experience

You can make glass accessories like tear drops, such as necklaces, eanings and broaches.

Approximate time required / 20mins

Fashion design pendant making experience

You can design your own pendant heads in your own style.

Approximate time required/ 12hours.

Our reception is open from 8:00AM to 9:00PM.

To make the most of your time, we suggest sightseeing during the day and glass blowing in the evening. The shop is open until 1O:OOPM.

IA commemorative gift to remember your experience.

Free gifts from Onna Glass Craft Learning Center with Ryukyu glass experience to show our appreciation.

IFree transportation service from the hotels around Onna-son.

Even if you are tired from sightseeing, don’t worry, we have free transportation. of course, there are no problems of using rental cars, since we have a big parking lot. Please ask for details.

Inquiries:Onna Glass Craft Learning Center 0120-34-1598

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Enjoy the new sensation! The world’s first! Never been seen before in Okinawa!